how to make an iced coffee at home

How to Make an Iced Coffee at Home

Don't those coffees look great? We really wish it would make itself as well, but we need an iced coffee recipe. Here we will show you how to make an iced coffee at home with a few different options. Summer is incoming so let's get prepped, Espresso Messo style.

The suggested way...

Make a 200ml cup of black coffee following pack instructions, then allow the coffee to go completely cold. Pour into a blender with the milk along with 2 or 3 handfuls of ice and maple syrup, if using, then blend until smooth and foamy.

Pour into a chilled tall glass and serve.

A few other ways...

Whilst blending is the preferred method, you could use other means. How about pouring your espresso/coffee into a cocktail shaker, pour in milk, add ice and shake it like a cocktail, this will create a lovely foam. Remember to only fill it up 3/4 otherwise foam will escape.

Don't just leave it there though, why not add in a syrup, caramel perhaps? We supply a great range of fresh coffee that will make your iced coffee taste incredible. Remember you can use a cafetiere to make your iced coffee at home if you don't have an espresso machine.

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