What is Ground Coffee?

What is Ground Coffee?

If you're new to the world of coffee, there is a lot of terminology floating about and we want to clear up the muddy waters around it all. Simply put, ground coffee is what coffee that is brewed is made of and is the most common form of coffee you can buy in the shop, apart from coffee beans.

ground coffee for your coffee machine

Is it just the one kind of ground coffee you can buy?

Here at Espresso Messo and other good retailers, you can buy the coffee that is suited specifically to your coffee machine to make life easier for you. From ground Aeropress coffee to cafetiere, from ground for espresso / Moka Pot to pods. These are all different grind sizes so you can get the maximum taste out of the coffee for you machine. The grind sizes if we are going to go into a bit more detail are:

  • Turkish ground coffee - a flour-like powdery grind
  • Course ground coffee - chunk-like particles of coffee
  • Medium ground coffee - grittier particles that with a consistency like sand
  • Fine ground coffee - does what it says and the most common
  • Extra fine ground coffee - finer grind for specific coffee machines
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