what is so special about Brazilian coffee

What's so special about Brazilian coffee beans?

We all hear a buzz about Brazilian coffee, why is that?

Well for a start, typically Brazilian coffee is known for being low in acidity, whilst offering up notes of caramel and chocolate. It makes for an unrivaled balanced taste like no other. When we were sourcing our coffee beans here at Espresso Messo, we just knew we needed to go to Brazil, more specifically Cerrado Minas Gerais. So if you want to know what Brazilian coffee tastes like, grab yourself a bag here.

Espresso Messo - Brazilian Coffee Beans

The culture...

In Brazil, coffee is drunk regularly throughout the day, to such a degree that the word ‘cafezinho’, meaning ‘small coffee’ is a very popular term! If you go to Brazil you will see coffee dispensers and a stack of cups at petrol stations, restaurants and more, where you can help yourself for free to these "small cups". Obviously due to the frequency in which it’s drank, the coffee contained is often lower quality than the high-quality Brazilian coffee beans that get exported out of the country, because it would simply be too expensive to drink such a great deal of it! Despite this lesser quality, you’ll still expect delicious flavour in every cup.


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