Collection: Aeropress Coffee Makers

We are delighted to now offer AeroPress coffee makers and accessories at Espresso Messo. The AeroPress is the first coffee maker that combines affordability and simplicity with the ability to produce top quality coffee.

Aeropress Logo

So what is the AeroPress?

In the words of AeroPress themselves: "The plunger pushes the trapped air down the chamber, forces the water over the coffee and through the filter into your cup/mug/cocktail shaker. Your ground coffee sits patiently in the chamber awaiting its fate - to be brewed to sweet perfection. The filters ensure only the smoothest coffee makes it into your cup. A neat little cap (fits snug on top of most mugs) which holds the coffee in place. There’s no escape from there."

AeroPress Coffee Maker at Espresso Messo

What a genius device it is to create such a tasty coffee. Remember we do a special grind just for AeroPress on all our coffees to make that perfect coffee.