how to make a black coffee and how to use a cafetiere

Recipe - How To Make a Black Coffee

The Coffee Recipe Series

This week - how to make a black coffee in a cafetiere?

There are many reasons why you would want to have a black coffee. We love it for that pure taste. You have to make sure you have the right coffee beans for that desired flavour you are searching for. Black coffee from instant is fine, but once you try grounded black coffee at home, you will not want to go back to instant. We recommend the Brazil Single Origin coffee for this one, it gives you that smooth sensation and isn't too acidic. In this example we will show you how to use a cafetiere to make your black coffee, however with an espresso machine you will want to grab a double shot of espresso and top off with hot water.


Step 1

Grab your 300ml cafetiere which will do you for one cup of coffee, pour in 1.5 dessert spoons of freshly grounded coffee

Step 2

Pour boiling hot water to the top and give a quick stir

Step 3

Pop the top on and leave for approximately 3 minutes to steep (if you'd like stronger leave for longer)

Step 4

Stir again and scoop up the foam that contains some coffee grounds, this make the plunging part easier and removes the build up at the bottom of your coffee mug

Step 5 

Plunge, pour and enjoy your tasty coffee!


Easy as that, if you have any questions about how to use a cafetiere, or would like some tips on choosing the right Espresso Messo coffee, please contact us.

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