Independent Glasgow Coffee Roasters

Espresso Messo has strong Italian roots. But we are based right here in Scotland! We have always been huge coffee enthusiasts, so thought we would start roasting coffee in top blends and supply the finest single origin coffees about, all ethically and sustainably sourced.


Scottish Coffee Roasters - Glasgow Coffee Beans for sale
Since 2022, as one of the leading Scottish coffee roasters, we have been supplying Glasgow with coffee beans as well as the rest of the UK and Ireland! Coffees such as the Strong 'ol 'Blend and Brazil Single Origin are our best sellers and we are always working to discover new coffees and blends that you'll love whilst holding onto the very best that we are proud to call Espresso Messo coffee.
In recent years, the coffee revolution has taken Scotland by storm and high-quality artisan roasters are sourcing the finest beans on the planet. Excellent independent coffee shops (and you at home!) are turning these beans into stunning coffee, in an ever-increasing variety of styles, from filter to cold brew. Discover the best coffee in Scotland today! 
Espresso Messo are Glasgow coffee roasters, bringing sustainable coffee to your door.